Ergonomic Assessments

Our Ergonomic Assessments examine the employee’s posture and adjusts the workspace to optimise position and ease of movement, relative to the task.

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Flu Vaccinations

We make it easy to vaccinate your workforce as one of Australia’s largest flu vaccination providers. Learn more about why companies choose SMG Health.

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Health & Wellbeing

In a time when 63% of Australians are overweight1, 24% have diabetes or elevated blood glucose2, 30% are chronically sleep deprived3 and 20% will experience a mental health issue in the next year4, the health and wellbeing of your employees has never been more important to your business. Learn more about how we can enhance the health & wellbeing of your employees.

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Health Expos

Health Expos are an engaging and efficient way to promote multiple key health messages in a central location. Expos provide a forum to showcase various health and wellbeing options and allow employees to learn, discuss, assess and plan.

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Injury Prevention

We can work with your organisation to assess risk for injuries then follow through with comprehensive interventions to mitigate that risk.

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Massage is an effective, therapeutic tool for reducing muscular or ligament tension. Such tension is often a contributing factor in neck or back pain and/or headaches. SMG Health provides head and neck massage therapy for your employees in your workplace. Performed by a professional massage therapist, massage can be conducted at individual workstations or using a specialised massage chair. Appointments generally last 5 – 15 minutes and are designed to be an effective, time efficient means of relaxation and stress relief.

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Mental Health

At a time when 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health in the next year, SMG Health can help your company enhance the resilience your employees with holistic, preventative programs for everyone across the wellbeing continuum. Building on our experience as industry leaders, or programs are effective in managing the major issues facing Australian businesses.

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Skin Checks

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancers in the world with two of every three Australians being diagnosed with a skin cancer by age 70. SMG Health make it easy for your employees to be Sun Ready with our onsite Skin Checks.

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Weight Management

Our weight management program utilises our Empower health coaching methodology to help people understand habits, break through barriers and make informed healthier choices.

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EAP Enquiries

If you are at risk of harming yourself or others, please contact 000 or Lifeline on
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