Health Assessments

Evaluate the health of your workforce with relevant assessments by degree-qualified Health Consultants to ensure your wellbeing initiatives are on the mark and will drive the difference you need. Our Health Assessments will measure key biometrics, lifestyle factors and personal & family histories.

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Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Online

The online Health Risk Assessment, accessed through our Gateway portal, provides personalised feedback to individuals about their physical and mental health, including potential risks, and a comprehensive, de-identified report to companies.

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Wellbeing Checks

The Wellbeing Check program aims to provide assistance to employees involved in specialist areas or specific roles where there may be a risk of psychological injury, burnout or accumulative stress.

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Mindfulness Assessment Online

The SMG Health Mindfulness Assessment measures the five facets of mindfulness considering that a mindful approach enables employees to manage stress more effectively.

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Resilience Assessment Online

The SMG Health Resilience Assessment has been developed to assist organisations to proactively support the psychological capital of their employees, rather than continue a reactive model of care. This insightful tool will help you start your program to build a resilient workforce to manage through change or stressful periods.

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EAP Enquiries

If you are at risk of harming yourself or others, please contact 000 or Lifeline on
13 11 14.

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