Cooking Demonstrations

Healthy eating does not have to be difficult. Our cooking demonstrations can show how easy it can be to prepare nutritious meals in a busy lifestyle. Meals can also highlight themes such as Winter Warmers, Eating More Vegetables, Eating for Better Sleep.

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Exercise Classes

Physical activity has many benefits such as stress management, circulatory and respiratory health, better focus and performance. Speak to us about our onsite group training including fitness classes, yoga, tai chi and bootcamps.

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Mental Health Workshops

In the next year, 1 in 5 employees will experience a mental health issue. Our workshops go straight to the heart of the issue, giving employees information to identify risk, then implement strategies for self-care. Our Managers’ workshops assist your leaders to manage through common mental health presentations and support teams to perform at their best.

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Pillars of Health Annual Webinar Program

Our interactive Pillars of Health Monthly Webinar Program builds on the SMG Health Wellbeing Wheel which is designed from the latest research on the most important determinants of health of Australian workers. Each month you are invited to participate in a 30 minute online webinar led by an industry expert. Working from home? Working remotely? All you need is the internet to access our web based platform.

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Seminars & Workshops

SMG Health’s workshops increase health awareness while using behaviour change models to increase the likelihood of health improvements. Our range of seminars are tailored to meet the different requirements of each specific audience and can be conducted onsite and via live videoconference.

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General Enquiries

EAP Enquiries

If you are at risk of harming yourself or others, please contact 000 or Lifeline on
13 11 14.

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