The superior flu vaccination program

SMG Health have been delivering flu vaccinations for over a decade and have tripled the size of our flu vaccination program in the last 5 years - we attribute this to exceptional client satisfaction and competitive pricing. Learn more about the benefits to both you and your employees below.

Why SMG Health?

Experience you can trust

Trusted by more than 500 clients including major banks and major local, state & federal government departments.

Reduced wait times

We book 28 vaccinations per hour, up to 12 per hour less than our competitors, reducing wait times and improving satisfaction levels.

Quality assured

ISO quality certification, in-house medical director, immunisation certified nurses and state-based licenses in every Australian state and territory.

Exceptional service

We received an average satisfaction rating of 9.5 out of 10 from our clients in 2020

Single point of contact

We provide a direct contact and support team, not a telephone tree!

Online booking system

Streamlined process, automated calendar invites and SMS reminders.

Data security

State of the art security processes ensuring the physical and online data collected from your staff remains safe and secure.

APAC coverage

We deliver vaccinations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region.

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