Finishing the Year on a High

When the world rang in the new year of 2020, many of us will have kicked off with great intentions, setting challenging goals and planning exciting changes. Yet little could have prepared us for the challenges that lay ahead. Whether 2020 has knocked your goals off course or whether you’ve found inspiration out of uncertainty, it’s never too late to make sure you end the year feeling healthy and happy. We’ve put together some helpful guidance to help you get back on track.

  • Change is a process: Change commonly takes time, over multiple steps - set a goal and develop an action plan, both of which are the key components of this change process.
  • Contingency: Knowing and having a contingency plan for any obstacles that come up is also crucial to your success – there’s usually more than one way to reach your goal.
  • Smash those barriers: What’s preventing you from achieving your goals? Is it behavioural, emotional, physical or perhaps your own mindset? Build a support team and create a contingency plan.
  • Are you truly ready? Place positive and encouraging affirmations in key places – your fridge door, your diary or a reminder on your phone for example.
  • Invest in yourself: Take ownership and reach out for help sooner rather than later. Our health is paramount so invest in yourself first.

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