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SMG Health is a Corporate Health Provider consisting of a skilled and passionate multidisciplinary team of health professionals committed to the enhancement of organisation health and productivity. SMG brings together a professional team with over 35 years' experience providing corporate health services and a strong focus on mental health across the Asia Pacific region. The combination of leading physical and mental health expertise ensures SMG Health provide our clients with cutting edge holistic health solutions. These solutions are available through various platforms and service mediums (online, face to face and telephonic) tailored specifically to the needs of the organisation.

A Consultative Process

SMG Health takes a consultative approach with your company to understand the most important issues impacting your business and human capital, and works with you to develop a solution to take your business on a journey to drive health & wellbeing into the fabric of your organisation through its people leaders and individuals. We aim to make health & wellbeing an integral part of your culture.

The most effective programs start with a thorough understanding of the issues facing your organisation, achieved through relevant assessments. Our programs directed at the heart of the issues will be tailored to your demographic and industry with measurable outcomes to evaluate effectiveness and return on your investment.

  • Assess

    Discuss physical, mental and environmental issues and priorites to select integrated care assessments.

  • Intervene

    Targeted and relevant programs impacting teams and individuals.

  • Performance Gains

    Gains in individual performance, corporate image and engagement.

  • Review, Report, Refine

    Review outcomes and repeat.

A Preventative Process

The most common health and wellbeing issues facing Australian businesses are well researched. We know that employees’ performance and job satisfaction can be impacted by a multitude of health issues: physical, mental, social, emotional, vocational, financial and environmental factors and each, have a part to play in the overall health of an individual and a workforce.

Our holistic programs aim to:

  1. Provide strategies to your employees in the skills which most contribute to self confidence and resilience across their lives at work, home and in their community
  2. Provide learning experiences to increase health literacy and knowledge
  3. Drive behaviour change through principles of coaching to trigger an individual’s journey towards healthy choices
  4. Support those who need additional support through psychological clinical services.

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