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SMG Health (formerly Alere Health) is a Corporate Health Provider with over 35 years' experience consisting of a skilled and passionate multidisciplinary team of health professionals committed to the enhancement of organisation health and productivity.

Targeted, Relevant and Effective Solutions

Integrated Care Assessments

SMG Health has a full suite of assessments relevant for your environment and presenting issues. Speak to us about the best ways to evaluate the physical, mental or environmental health of your workplace.

Targeted Programs & Services

SMG Health understands the most challenging issues facing businesses. We design and implement holistic programs to effect change throughout your organisation to optimise employee engagement and performance.

Health & Wellbeing Workshops

From cooking demonstrations to exercise classes and mental health workshops, SMG Health has a full suite of relevant workshops for your mangers and employees.


The SMG Health Resilience Program has been developed to assist organisations proactively support the psychological capital of their employees through change or stressful periods. Starting with the Resilience Assessment through to full programs delivered online or onsite, we can work with you to build a more resilient workforce.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric tests are valuable to assess specific areas of interest or concern in your employees. SMG Health employees a range of validated tools to better understand the profile of your workforce in order to better screen and support individuals.

Stress Management

Stress is the number 1 reason people self-refer to EAP and is consistently in the top 3 of self-reported medical conditions of Australian workers. SMG Health has a full range of services, from assessment, preventative programs, self-care workshops to managers’ workshops to assist the performance and productivity in your workplace.

Workforce Support Services

There are times when your employees need additional support. Organisation change, restructures, change in roles or critical events can leads to periods of high or sustained stress. SMG Health has a team of highly experienced psychologists to step when help is needed.

Mental Health Workshops

In the next year, 1 in 5 employees will experience a mental health issue. Our workshops go straight to the heart of the issue, giving employees information to identify risk, then implement strategies for self-care. Our Managers’ workshops assist your leaders to manage through common mental health presentations and support teams to perform at their best.

EAP Programs & Services

Our EAP programs and services are tailored to address the most pressing needs of your employees, in the times when they need it most.

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